Zombie apocalypse

Was talking about this with my friends recently due to the news of zombies will kill the whole humans population in 100 days. The first thing that stuck my mind: Is that even possible? There are people who have guns, or even prepared for this whole thing to just happen.

Here are some advice for people that are living in South east Asia cause we do not have guns:

  • Cook a big pot of curry or something spicy since we are known for spicy dishes.
  • Make a spice bomb to attack them.
  • Give them one cup of thick traditional coffee from Singapore/Malaysia to wake up their senses or buy them a cup of Thailand’s ice milk tea to let them die from sweetness.
  • Feed them a traditional Indian snack, another chance to let them die from sweetness too.
  • Make them a eating machine as we, the south east Asians are actually quite proud of our foods. They might become more humane after eating mootaka LOL.
  • Most of us here from Malaysia/Singapore are mainly good with languages, could actually “machine gun” out quite a number of rude vulgars. But I don’t know if this will works
  • One thing about south east Asian countries: it is damn freaking HOT. One good summer day could be least 32°C  to 45°. Will they even survive this scorching heat while attacking us.

Well, it might be all imaginary. If there is ever a apocalypse, news will be flying all over. Done with my Midnight thinking HAHAHA. Boredom killed.


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