Again, in the wee hours of the morning, thinking of what’s good in my quarter century old life. Well, I flipped out something that I never thought I would be keeping for over 10 years: penpal letters. In this age where internet is so widely used, who ever want to waste the money to pay paper products and stamps to write something to someone who is overseas and we can all video calls each other for free? It do makes me sad cause it really talks about the person’s personality with their handwriting and its almost gone.

Maybe it is just me, I felt blessed I have the ability to write and exchange mails with people that are foreign to the country and my ability to know another country thru words and exchanging letters. Used to write this much to others when I was younger and it really makes me wonders what have happened to the penpals 10 years after the last letter I have send to them. Maybe they have moved, maybe they got married,  endless possibilities though. Maybe I should drop them another physical mail and ask them how’s life at their side. No harm trying isn’t it?

But as the technology advanced, it is good that things are made simple as it should be. Look at our Grandparents generation, it is hard to wait for a mail of your love ones if they are in the army and deployed to another country or another post away from the neighborhood that we are familiar with. Now, we just drop a email, facebook status, video calls or even write a blog, do a vlog to let them know how are they doing etc.. Well, there are pros and cons to everything.

Good night guys. I shall see if I should start writing letters again.


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