Overseas: KSL mall

Sorry for the lack of pictures as it was a rushed trip over and it wasn’t planned. But, here’s my honest review. We went as a family of 4.

The food:

Ah Ming Roasted Meat (non halal):
Located two stores away from the cinema, We ordered a mix platter of roasted duck, char siew and roasted pork belly, dumpling soup, fried toufu in Thai sauce with two plates of rice and a medium xing Zhou beehoon. 

Mix platter: Others then the roasted duck that I can’t make a difference as I never liked eating that, the char siew is so tender that every bite you can taste the sauce that used to roast it, it isn’t dry like some of those hawker centers cause they used the loin part. The roast pork belly is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside too, which I am pretty surprised. Normally my impression of roasted pork belly is one salt infused harden piece of meat and they actually changed my perspective. 

The dumpling soup: One thing about it is that the soup tasted like msg chicken soup that makes one thought of the msg hotpots. Even though the dumplings are nice cause there’s prawn, mince meat and cabbage that brings the taste up, but the soup is a total cannot make it standard.

Rice and beehoon: The rice is pretty much in a meh standard too. Not much of the fluff and it tastes like sticky rice. As for the beehoon wise, my parents liked it but it doesn’t suits my tasting.

Total damage: rm90 (approx SGD30)

Blackball (non halal):

Located at the same floor, we went there for dessert. Yes, they have stores in Singapore too. Ordered two bowls of hot glass jelly with yam/pumpkin balls (one with pearl and one without), one cup of Bob milk tea and a cup of winter melon milk tea.

Have no say for the two drinks as it was delicious, the yam and pumpkin balls are not as good as those in Singapore. Not chewy and easy swallow like those we eaten locally in our outlets.

Total damage: Rm19 (approx SGD6.3)

Starbucks Coffee (halal):
Located near the lobby of the hotel, everything there is just like Singapore ones, but way cheaper. Was there before we left for the custom. Ordered the large cup of the new seasonal drink, salted caramel mocha frap (rm20.9, approx SGD7) to share, and it tastes nice, nicer when it’s much cheaper.

The shopping :

Sorella undergarments:

Located at level 2 and ground floor (temporary), Both my mum and I brought underwears and bras for the upcoming Chinese new year and here’s our damage:

6 underwears for Rm69 (approx SGD23), 4 bras for Rm135 (approx SGD45).

The plushes:
Unless you have the faith of getting one via their endless supply of claw machines with bad quality, I advice you to go buy one. But there aren’t much room to bargain. There are quite a number of it to get it from all over the mall and I suspect they have the same boss. Got my bulbersaur plush at Rm59 (approx SGD19) after failing to hook it from the craw machines.

Located near Tesco at the basement, 2 bottles of clean and clear face wash, 1 watermelon cooling powder, 1 three legs cooling drink and few packs of gums with the damage of Rm55 (Approx SGD18)? Worth the buy.

Caring pharmacy:
Located near watsons and Tesco at the basement Was there buying adult diapers as a family friend requested, we brought 10 packs of that back. I don’t remember the brand but it’s Rm27 (approx SGD9) per pack regardless medium or large. 

Laxity the feminine wash is Rm22 (approx SGD7) for one and Rm44 (approx SGD14) for the twin pack.

Maroso town (if I got it correctly):
Located at ground floor near sports direct, it is a Japanese snack store selling limited to Japan flavoured pocky, cookies, drinks and cup noodles/diy ramen. Brought two different soup base ramen (for 2 per pack) at Rm26 (Approx SGD8). Where to find this rate when we’re here in Singapore?! 

Sports direct:

3 packs of angle socks (different brands) at Rm63 (approx SGD21) and will last for years? Worth it.

Every single groceries there are cheaper there obviously. But due to that it is a hassle to carry it back to the comfort of the house at the east side, we did not get anything from there. Unless you’re living near Woodlands, please go ahead.

The transportation to KSL:

Bus: it is Rm1.5 (approx SGD0.5) to reach there from custom. You can go back to the custom with the same price, so total will be a cheap fare of Rm3 (approx SGD1)

Alternatively, you can go via a taxi. It will cost Rm15 (approx SGD5) from custom to KSL mall or from KSL mall to custom. 

The Conclusion:

Even that it was quite rushing and there wasn’t much time for me to snap, video or actually plan everything, but least it was nice shopping there. Even there isn’t much things to buy cause some things are easily gotten here locally but it still feels good with the passport chopping. Done with the review and hope it’ll helps!


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