Defying changes

What is the definition of changes:

  • Plural of change. The process of causing a functionpractice, or thing to become different somehow compared to what it is at present or what it was in the past. Companies can undergo changes in a specific division, such as a marketing division, or as a whole.
  • Colloquial term describing the effects or outcomes after the transition or transformation of a functionmethod, or thing. For example, a person may state that since the changes in the manufacturing process, his job has been a lot safer.

What causes us to change to a better person? Stress, the willingness to work hard to reach the goal, to improve, to impress, and more. We all changes everyday. From our mindsets, actions and various things we have met thru different day, timing. I used to be scare of changing, hates it cause I thought I would “change” to someone else. But I was wrong, very wrong. My “forcefully” not changing makes me falls into bad shape and thought I didn’t change at all till my constant tummy aches, the starts of my depression lapses etc etc etc. 

I, only comes to wake up after 6 months of counseling services, taking of anti-depressants when my late friend’s mum calls me up, telling me that I should not be doing all this cause I’m hurting not just myself but also people around me that cares. Learn to accept that every thing changes everyday any you’ll feel better. Embrace them, learn to change when you needed to. Believe me, you can adapt to everything one day. Just let yourself knows that, you are the only one that can help rear your life and you can do whatever you can to go forward. You are as powerful as the sun, you will do it!


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