Angels in disgust

Don’t you feel that every person that crosses your path is an angel in disgust? They have things to teach you, even it might be a bad, tough one. As all of us have different perceptive, anyone that came in to our life would gives us another perceptive that we might not see it via ours. All of us have flaws, have something that others did not have and can’t be taken away. As we are always in learning mood, it is good to know varies things in different ideas and in different situations.

Why do I say people I met are Angels in disgust? Cause I believes all of us have the kind side of us that are willing to share, to give, to have empathy towards others. We are a race that knows what is good to be passed around. Every people I met, I don’t see them as a bad experience even sometimes it hurts bad. Least it makes me knows that what things will make people sad or happy if I did it to others. They are all teachers of my life.

Angels might not be in a form of good all the time I believe. It is all how one acts. You might be an angel to someone you didn’t knew about too. ::)


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