Birthdays Celebrations

Was celebrating one of my niece’s birthday days back and set me thinking about it. Is it really this important to actually celebrate it? I don’t know. I think it really depends on one’s perceptive then. Towards me, it is nice to celebrate it with people whom you cared and loved about, it can bring people together as a celebration and to have a gathering.

Liked it when I was younger cause it felt nice people singing the song with you and it was nice that you have presents that give you the joy. But kinda feels bad now cause it makes people spends extra just for you, not a thing for me anymore.

But at times I felt that if we are to be good for this one day and fight with each other in the other days, it just aren’t worth it to be celebrating it at all. It is such a drag when this happens ugh!

Plus, thinking of celebrating with friends is not even ideal to me. I personally disliked to ask friends to make it “special” for me. It makes me felt guilty and felt bad cause it just makes me have to remember that I have to make it special for them too. The endless gift exchanging and/or treating is a tiring task for an introvert like I am, not that we dislike socializing but we prefer staying at home and have the whole birthday cake to ourselves (I am joking over the cake thing HAHAHA).

Well, all I can say is, whether or not you celebrates, make sure you go get yourself a cake!


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