Drama addictions

We all watches drama all the time, whether where it is from, it do make us entertained. I often loved to re-watch those dramas that I loved so much~ Sometimes it will makes me wanna grab the male leads to come and smooch them in person.

Of all dramas, I loved historical dramas cause it does not just show what’s in history and how good the actors are interpreting the characters of they are assigned to. Apart from that, I often was addicted to the fashion of the people in those days like those in The Legend of Zhen Huan. Even though that I know that the princesses, princes, consorts and every single humans in the past isn’t as good looking as compared to those in the dramas but it is still as addictive.

AND there is the ever addictive crime dramas like CSI, that makes me goes “ahhhh, so that is so done, isn’t it done that way” etc. Sometimes they are scary, yet it just let me wanna know more about how it is going to end or how the relationships of the officers are. But no one detective drama is as good as those made in Hong Kong.

And there comes the Korean handsome oppa like that Grim reaper from Goblin (OMGOMGOMG HE IS SUCH A CUTIE), and those pretty Nooni like Song Jihyo (When is she going out with Gary oppa or Joongkook oppa eh?) that catches our heart in “SARANGHEIYO”. HAHAHAHA. They are good in producing such heart-thob dramas that we all almost melts due to their cheesy lines and such. Makes us the crazy kids that chase them like they are never ending loop.

But no matter which one do you loved, they will be as entertaining isn’t it.


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