The love hate relationship with Instant Noodles

Everyone knows that instant noodles are loaded with MSG, have tons of bad health consequences like causing of cancer due to high sodium, was fried in oil before packaging. There are also quite a number of news over fake instant noodles all over the world that are poisonous and makes us feels very sick. But despite hating all those bad things, I still regard them as one of my comfort food especially when I am in a nasty mood.

Toward most 90 kids, most of us actually ate them in daily/weekly basis due to that there aren’t much information to the product itself and flavors are on the raise every few months and it was blooming. We even have noodles that can be eaten without cooking and it was SGD 2 for 10 packs of it. Others then that, we have a those mini grocery shops down our void decks that sells cheap cup noodles and they also provides boiling hot water for soaking up those noodles.

Despite we have various types of noodle dishes and/or fresh factory made noodles that are valid in our supermarkets ready for us to eat and/or cook at home, some what lazy idiots like me who are lazy to whip up the soups or base for the noodles prefer going for instant ones as they also pre-packed the soup base into it despite that thirsty-ness after eating due to the overloading of sodium and msg that makes me guilty over eating them.

Even knowing that it wasn’t good to eat instant food all the time, especially instant noodles as it do not have any health benefits, but still, it does not stop most of us from eating them as it is quick and easily accessible. Please do not over eat any food even it have great benefits.


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