I might be in love.

It has been some time we have met. I didn’t wanna rush things over and I didn’t really voice out what my feeling is. Have been meeting alone since slightly less then a month yet we’re not combining hands still cause we didn’t confirm each other’s feeling yet. But here we are, walking side by side, chatting happily and trying to know each other more. He is alright with my straightforwardness, I’m alright with his love for Korean dramas and is calling him, oppa. Although it current doesn’t fits so well but I guess, I guess we’ll be alright.

It has been sometime some one actually makes me feel this way. The first time someone actually told me I am cute while talking to them, it really makes me flattered. The first time some one told me I should not be paying at all cause I am the lady but meh, I didn’t want to make him pay all the time too. I actually looks forward to meet him every time we plans to meet, hoping that he will just hold my hand just like this. But I didn’t want to rush thru it. He told me if I were to met another guy, just go, but little did he knows, I am falling for him every gentle thing he did for me.

He isn’t as handsome as my idols, he isn’t ugly either. Maybe in the lover’s eye, he is sort of cute. I feels he is perfect among the imperfection. Every time we talked, I feel he is so nice to me. It is the first time I felt I am in the priorities. I do hope it isn’t an illusion. I sincerely hope this feeling will actually last.

But we are not yet a item. Whether or not that are we able to be, I will hope he will always find me as a friend to his sorrow.


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