Gaming eh?

I have start my gaming life since I was 14 years old as a cure for my loneliness in school cause I didn’t have friends that I con hang out with after school for homework, books and such. It is also a partial cure cause my parents are working and there are no one around to actually for me to talk to. It all started just cause it is an escape from reality and all the awkwardness from a Secondary school kid.

There wasn’t that much choice of mmo then. I actually stupidly played Maple Story for 4 years cause I didn’t know what game to play. Then slowing got into Dreamland online, audition and some other dancing/lame fighting games that are not that fantastic but very popular then. In fact, I really wasted so much time on the games till I didn’t have much social life to talk about at the point of time where I am so obsess that I can forgo my school just for gaming and got scolded by my parents.

Well, actually it still have not fully gotten out of my life yet but least it is in moderation. I think as time goes, I sort of lose much of the interest of it due to the responsibility of life kicks in and knowing that I have to do what I have to be done cause gaming would not feed me for my life even it is nice to play and good to post on youtube for tutorials but I highly doubt it will ever last actually.

Longest mmo played was Arcane Legends, a mobile MMO that have very nice graphics and it’s an exciting gameplay till they started the pay to play system and most of my then guild mates lost interest in the game after the pay thing released. But it was a game that I would love cause of the helpfulness to the guild members then. Even though it has ended in chaos in my guild but it makes me felt special as compared to other games cause there ain’t much stereotypes.

Now I had barely touch any games, I could not introduce them like I used to do. Guys, it is okay to play games but please do it in moderation!


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