The cny nasty Qs

Four days more to the Lunar (Or Chinese) new year. It was supposed to celebrate as a reunion for the new lunar year and as a gathering. But in Singapore and maybe Malaysia, things some sort got super scary I may say. It is the time of the year where I sees those relatives once in a year and it reminds me of those nasty, scary questions that no one in my family members of my age can be avoided.

When I was younger, I was asked this question together with another cousin of the same age:

  • You study with school? Why your school I never heard before, lousy school is it?
  • How much is your average scores ah?
  • Which stream do you go?
  • What course do you choose?
  • Why you eat until so fat ah? Your parents never ask you slim down ah?
  • Why are you so short?! Never go for PE lessons right? That’s why so fat right?
  • etc types of questions.

Even till now, questions being asked will also makes people’s heart skips a beat like:

  • Girl, you how old already, why no date?
  • Girl ah, I 16 years old married to your grand-uncle already, you need match made or not?
  • Girl ah, why are you still this fat (I’m slightly over 70kg, I doubt I am that HUGE.), why you never go slim down or go the slimming center there slim down ah?
  • Girl ah, what you work as? Can survive or not?
  • Girl come, I think my son is a good candidate, he is 5x years old, go try with him.
  • You know your cousins at your age earning Millions by millions, why yours cannot?
  • What is online business? No work then no work, why lie?

and apparently the list goes on. It happens to most of the families I guess, it was a scary thing to ask and I always tried to avoid as much as possible cause I didn’t want them to know too much, after all it is just once in a year eh.


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