Chinese New Year EVE!!

It is the day where my family will cook and pray to my ancestors in the morning and have the reunion at night. In a sense that I should not be editing or writing my blog in the wee hours of this day cause I have to wake up early to help with stuffs to pray and maybe some shopping later for the dinner. It is also a day where we just lay back and relax for some family time. But I guess more or less I am pretty scared cause of those questions that might be asked again this year. But nevertheless, I hope i won’t get fat this new year. Haha.

Apart from that, it is a little different from my younger days where stores will be closed for least 3 to four days for the year, island wide but for the past 5 to 7 years, some coffee shops (or hawker centers), fast food chains are not closing and is also offering delivery services despite shopping malls are closed for those few days. It is also easier for those whom have elderly in the house that they needs to visit, like in my case where my grandparents are unable to cook and we aren’t really worried that we are having nothing to eat at all.

Others then that, we have River Hong Bao that starts yesterday, and it probably is the only place to go if there aren’t relatives to visit. No only there have various entertainment to entertain the whole family, they have various food choices for us to pick on. Even that they do not have a wide variety to choose on, least it is worth to try.

I better get some sleep now, or else I will overslept!


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