House visits in cny 

I remembered when I was younger and my house would have visit on the second day of new year, it was fun then cause didn’t have that much responsibility. Even though that m y family aren’t inviting but there are scary ton of things I have to help my mum with, that includes cleaning, getting all the things for new years eve and such. Today is the second day of cny and like the past, we are going to one of my relative house for dinner.

Not only having food, we also played poker together as a pass time. Even though I might lose most of the time but it is somewhat a yearly event for extra “cash” to bring home. Some of my family members will play 🀄 mahjong too. Didn’t know how to play that and I don’t have the patience to learn hahaha.

Others then that, we all does enjoy the gathering cause it is hard to let everyone gather as a family. With 50 over members and 4 generation across, we definitely is a big family and it’s expanding still. Hope y’all will enjoy the visiting like I do! Gong Xi gong xi


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