Valentines February

While the Lunar new year celebrations are over, it is the time of the year where people yearns for love. I don’t deny that I don’t yearns for it after some time after being alone, knowing that there is someone whom one can cares for and being cared by, the feeling is quite kind of amazing.

I always thought Valentines is a romantic thing for couple to be sweet to each other but as time goes, and few bad relationships later, it really had my perspective changed. Cause if  a couple argued almost every day (despite knowing that all couple will argue in sometime into the relationship), & be nice for this one day, isn’t it not worthy to actually celebrate or continue the relationship together? Rather have an understanding/give and take relationship though.

Actually I had been told so many times by my friends that I am those type of person who is easy to love, but in a sense that guys will be scare of me cause I am those “jack of all trades” type of person and I sort of do-it-myself most of the time. Just cause that my curiosity never just kill one cat, it kills many cats instead.

Another thing is that I am not those type of person where I could express my words easily and I don’t really be able to be like any mainstream media idea type of girls. It is rather easy to say that one will likes anyone for who they are but in reality, it does not happens that much. Since young, my soul has been living with a little boy inside a girl’s soul and body. In some point of time I almost consider to go for transgender operation but I do not want to destroy what had been a gift to me. But I have this personality where I sometimes acts like a guy and actually likes something where it is a male dominion thing.

I guess I shall just be patient over it then. I know there are actually cases where there are guys who are willing to accept a lady that have almost the similar personality. Hope that y’all have a sweet relationship if you are in a relationship and if y’all have a crush, good luck in confessing!


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