All of us suffers from insomnia for various reasons, I even self blame if I’m suffering from it over my love of tea and/or Starbucks drinks that are heavy in caffeine or I actually tents to overthink on something.  I sort of angry with last night’s bad sleep cause it wasn’t myself to blame but I was disturbed by one tiny mother nature’s creature called mosquito.

YES, FOR THE WHOLE ENTIRE NIGHT I WAS “KISSED” AND BUSY SCRATCHING. Didn’t sleep till 7 in the morning where it was officially killed by a clap. Never in my whole entire life was I in such bad itch and bad night due to a small little bug like this.

After my sleep till 12pm (its just 3 hours of sleep, ugh), immediately the smelly mosquito coil was up and hope I am not disturbed tonight. It made my day so bad and I can’t blame them cause they are meant to suck blood and be a bitch 😦

And yes, I’m keeping this as a short post. Good night. 😦


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