The extrovertly introvert

There is no technical term for this group of people like me. We falls in the group of introvert but yet a part of us is in the extrovert zone. We aren’t shy, we are just seeing the world quietly. We loves going out to window shop or just sitting at the cafe reading a book surrounded by a small crowd yet we didn’t want a human contact others then getting a drink.

Towards me, I don’t like being in a cramp crowded place unless I have a motive to be in there. For example that the recent Chinatown Chinese New Year bazaar, while my friends are enjoying the atmosphere of it, I sort of anti it as I felt my personal space being violated. But I was in the IT fair last year as my mobile data plan was due, immediately after  I renewed my plan, I left the venue. But it doesn’t mean that I dislike humans, just that I don’t like being squeezed like a sardine.

It doesn’t mean I or someone like me hates being in the crowd but smaller crowd. Like the normal day shopping malls etc. I sort of avoid lunch/dinner time to eat too. Didn’t like finding spaces to sit while others stares at you like you owes the seat to them. And it is hard to explain to others about it as they don’t mix extrovert personality with the introvert personality without understanding that there are humans that falls in between, plus do not mix the extrovertly introvert to introvertly extrovents (I have met this types of people before, they are about the same but much chattier in a sense) cause it is two different personalities.


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