My kind of love

Most of the human being have no problem telling their partners how they feel towards them verbally and despite not showing much care towards the other party. Apparently sweet talks are a skill/con to those whom applies it/believe in it. This is probably why people got cheated by love cheaters everyday due to that. My kind of love, was always been quiet but never verbally. this is why my mum always thought I never cared but was surprised when I did those things she vexed over quietly.

So far, many didn’t really able to adopt over my kind of love towards them, cause it is too low key. I always believed action speaks louder then words, I often do it quietly then telling them how much I loved them so. But it hardly works actually. This is why we had language to speak so we can get vocal and it doesn’t works for me as I rather feel it then sweet talking.

This is why I would get touched when simple actions done by my love ones cause I knew how hard it is to do something that is hard to tell. I also often praise their work, cooking or any small actions cause I am always in the place I hardly vocalize my love towards others and a simple praising would not kills anyone even it wasn’t nicely cooked or done.

I am also those type of person where I can’t accept those hard rock type of love. Often my parents will force me to do what I dislike to do while knowingly they are for my own good, would actually end up to a nasty event of bad arguing or bad emotional swings in between all of us.

But no matter how it is acted, I knew I am blessed to be in the family despite there might arguments and such. It is all about give and take though. 🙂


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