Misleading Love Advice

There are so much love advice on the web or advice from someone you knew and some are actually pissing me off. Here are some that I think it is ridiculous:

  • Not farting or yawning in front of you for the sake of good impression after dating for many years

If someone whom you loved yawns or farts in front of you probably means they are really freaking comfortable with you and knowing that he or she felt good with the relationship. Isn’t it good?

  • Eating less in front of your potential date to meet the optimal impression

So there is a additional meal for one to get fat. Or rather staving yourself to show how small eater you are isn’t a good thing. Eventually things will be broken and if you are a big eater, you will show it after 6 months, a year at the most.

  • Sweet talk and/or be soft spoken

I can’t agree to this. I am never a person whom will and accept sweet talk in anyway, not soft spoken either. All this will be greasy after 3 months and if the other party is a cheater, this is just a tactic for them to keep you. Think they will change? Doubt so.

  • Buying gifts or going to fancy restaurants on special occasions

If you are fighting with the other party, patch and break up for the last 10 times and be good for this one day for a fancy meal or a fancy gifts, seriously, what the freak are you doing? Or you are one poor person to start on and just to make the other party happy, it isn’t worthy at all. We are all born to give and take and be happy, not just to live for that one day. If you are treated right, this doesn’t even matter at all.

  • Changing towards their expectations of dating partner

God, Why make yourself so tired? I always believed that one will accept another when they truly loves each other and they will grow together as a whole and not towards one changes and the other one be a jerk asking the other party to change. It isn’t love to start with anyway.

  • Controlling the other party is a good thing especially during dating period.

Some of my female cousins (or cousin’s girlfriend) actually told me it is bad to give the guys freedom is a stupid thing, I should actually control every single thing over him. I never agrees with this. Why? If ever they are a regular cheater, control over them does not even helps, they will still cheat. In fact I would rather trust them for not doing this things. Just like my last ex, I gave him space and yet he still wanna chase my flirty cousin after we broke up despite knowing that she knew our story and how disgusting he is, do you think controlling him will even stops his horny persona? Doubt so.

  • Being the bad girl or guy so it is easier for other party to fall for you

Why is that so? Why play hard to get? This is idiotic, very idiotic. Once you are playing hard to get, you are losing a chance to know that the other party may be a good person and you are losing them to find someone who will accept who they are and you are regret it.

Eventually all this love advice are just an advice for you to consider, but please do not be crazy enough to learn it all. Not all advice are one good one. And above all this, to let someone love you deeply, please learn how to love yourself first, alright? Good luck in this valentines february!


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