Blogging for?

I constant have the midnight hitch of having great thoughts but I barely share with others. Used to write as a online diary when I was 17, and was embarrass with my English then and I totally can’t understand what I wrote then cause of too much of short forms that I do not even remember what it stands for now. Had also a number of blogs that I wrote for years then pause and create a new one for nothing.

The last blog of mines lasted for near two years and it was at the peak of my adjustment disorder days where there is lots of negative thoughts and it actually became toxic and it makes me falls more into much deeper thoughts and near the edge of going into depression. Looking back at the blog, I felt that I have made people around me so worried about me and how much I moved on from that position now as compared to then. I have become a more cheerful person as compared to then. Even though that I knew that things might come back but least I knew I would stand back up stronger as before.

Right now  getting a blog is just getting my mind off for a bit, it is like a small words vacay for my brain to express its thoughts away with a platform that others could read on. Maybe one day there are someone whom have the same thoughts as me or could give me some advice on how I should improve on how I write and exchange our thoughts of some sort. It may not attract someone to constantly read up my blog now but I am positive about it.


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