Post Valentines

YES I MISSED 4 DAYS OF WRITING. Too tired of my late night thoughts though. Well, trying to work on it while getting on track with matters that I have to work on. Well, it is the post-valentines day where I sincerely hopes nasty things won’t happens between couples HAHAHA. Apparently having a post valentines argument can be quite nasty sometimes and it hurts, pretty much. Being able to love someone isn’t as easy as it seems eh.

Well, I really have much of a fun day today and I am happy. Stepped out of my shell today for a job that I hoped to do when i was younger but it is still pending if I am able to join the “dream job” of mines. Least I tried overcoming the interview stage lol.

I don’t know if its a blessing, I never thought of being with someone sweet to tell me I am all worth it to get some things better and be with a group of better humans. It really has been some time that I heard some encouraging words. I guess good things really is worth the wait after you tried hard to change. I don’t really see much thru my own eyes though haha. Hope the positivity will keeps up long enough for myself to see it too.

As much as I yearns for love, I really hopes things is in good turn for myself. Has been tired of my mood swings the pass few days due to insecurity towards myself and my interviews shits. I hopes one day there is someone whom will tell me that my insecurities will be cured by him. Easier said then done. Gon pray hard for it!


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