Jamix’s Fave Comfort Foods

Everyone have their own comfort food selections and here are my few selections of comfort food that I love to put it in to my belly when I am in need of comfort.

  • Seaweeds

That salty sea grass that comes in different flavors actually taste quite nice, especially from the brand tao kei noe from Thailand (others then the durian flavor). It doesn’t serves as a snack on its own but also it tastes good with rice and various ingredients like sushi. Filling and satisfying food eh.

  • No bake cheese cake

The creamy cake with the ice cold ice cream feel is damn good and could easily brings my mood back in track. My favorite flavors are Cookies and cream, New York and chocolate cheese cakes.

  • Oreo Cookies with milk

The not so soggy oreo cookies are basically one of the best cookies to me. As we all knows that Oreo are pretty sweet without milk. But I highly doubt this is just me that loves this as a comfort food.

  • Instant Noodles

One of the most unhealthy food in the world, this is one of my top fave food in my list. WHY? This humongous selection of flavorful noodles is so much feel when things are nasty and when you are lazy to cook or too lazy to do anything. There are flavors that actually “suits” my mood like in times where I am in need of savory, there are Kyuushu white ramen, chicken soup noodles from Nissin and in terms I wanna sweat it out there are laksa flavored noodles from various brands and the potato kimchi and/or anncheon tangmyeon from shin ramyeon group.

  • Kimchi

I KNOW THIS IS WEIRD but indeed it is. Those crunchy cabbage kimchi is a total kick when it comes. The party of spicy, juicy kimchi has the best things to make a firework in my mouth despite it is spicy.

  • Fried Chicken

I don’t know why but this is one good crunchy little hell that makes my fats fatter. But it depends on which brand. Apparently Singapore’s KFC is getting from bad to worst and Jollybee is catching up on the par of one of the best friend chicken.

  • The street’s rectangular ice cream

It makes lots of conservancy once over Buzzfeed on one of the least eaten sandwich and idiot-city is at their beast of not researching hard enough to not notice how many South East Asian kids have this since young and it has been generations that actually have it as a childhood snack since young. Mainly comes in many flavors like raspsberry, chocolate, chocolate mint, durian, vanilla, mango and more, it is mainly serve with two piece of waffle biscuits or a piece of bread, it is somewhat a comfort food amongst many. My personal fave flavors are chocolate, durian and sweet corn.


Well, here is my list, What is your comfort food? Leave your comments!


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