Never get a Gamer boyfriend

I am pretty much a gamer girl and I’m telling all you gamer girls that never get a guy whom plays lots of mmo like you do. I been there, we argued and fought a lot cause he is egoistic and I am somewhat better. I am not trying to boost but apparently when you actually joined a guild which is much stronger then his and shared lots of tips to you as a “newbie” to the game, plus when you can’t handle those bitchy lady guilds that fought with each other for different things that he is in, this whole slum is a disaster. 

Things got worse if you started a different game cause you got tired of the game you two once enjoyed together. I was playing summoner wars with this particular gamer boy ex and since he were complaining that I am overtaking him, I sort of pause for a bit to let him catch up and diverted my attention to non mmo related games like temple run and candy crush, and he got jealous and all panoroid that I am not paying attention to him anymore. Best is when he actually wants me to join his guild with lousy rankings cause I might do better in the guild which I totally doesn’t approved. 

Not just that, we barely have time to do things together cause he is too engrossed with the game and is expecting you to be like him. It is damn tiring to just communicate thru the game and only played the game together as a couple. Or maybe it is just me whom is damn bad luck to meet this type of guys. Pfffffffft. 


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