The girl with a guy’s personality

Yes, we are a bunch of ladies that are often got misunderstood, just cause that we does not act like one. We are this one bunch of ladies that mixed so well with guys that they actually forgotten that we are still a lady. I am like, this is so fucked up, just cause we are not flirty, feminine, or not behaving like any of the mainstream media stereotypes make us less then those flirtatious, sexy, model liked girls who bitches around for attentions? I know life is never really fair in some sense, but it sometimes does hurts when I had been stereotype off the list of being not ladylike and have a personality that is more towards a guy.

Even though that I know there are guys whom go for brains instead of flirts but there isn’t much know of. Many of the guys I have met thru my classes, work places are in flavor towards girls that can flirt and make them feels like they are a king or someone who are important. But by the end of the day, does that really matters and is it that important to have a flirty lady as someone whom makes them wanna marry by the end of their life? I highly doubt so.

I remembered I am often misunderstood as a lesbian (I am sort of a bisexual person) due to that I does lots of things that “only suits man”, I never flirts, I do lots of debates and I actually plays lots of games that guys liked. I often feels better around guys or ladies with about the same personality cause I totally hates gossiping and judging anyone without knowing them. Sometime it is tired of me being me cause just cause I never do what a “normal ladies doing” makes me a level down then a “normal lady”.

It is already 21st century and it doesn’t seems that this stereotyping bullshits is going to stop anywhere. Why is that so? All I can think of is either of this two reasons: One, Media, oh media, the media never stops discriminating any ladies like I do. WHY? Cause they think it is wrong for any ladies to be like that. Two, our parents mindsets, and their parents mindset, and their parents mindset. It is a very hard to change mindset, my granny often told me that I am too manly in some sense that I have to change to attract guys or I will never be out the shelf. Ugh, seriously?

Like any other ladies, we also want to be treat like a lady despite how we act. We are this group of ladies where we don’t expect you much and is willing to go on the mileage with you. We just wanted a guy (or anyone) to appreciate us as who we are and have some intelligent chats over various things. Just cause we don’t act like like one doesn’t mean we don’t like being cared and loved over. Just cause we are all more straight forward does not mean we do not like surprises. Would you, would you open up your world to accept us as who we are?


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