My defination towards life

I believed all of us are here for a reason that we might never understand why. I believed we are all someone’s angel in a sense. There are things that I only found out after time or changes or I could probably never knows it for life. I believe life will not give us goes in a smooth sail but many different matters to let one find their potential towards life and perspectives of different matters. All of us walks a road that have different memories and will have various ideas on the same thing.

I never had thought that I am able to write and express myself well, never have thought before I got out of the places where stress was there. It was hard in the starting when I started out blogging in another site, with pretty negative mindset and bad writing skills as compared to now. Took me least six months to get myself to here hahaha, but well, I can do better, I will get better with it.

It is how we looked towards our situation now. I believed I am blessed to be here and to be able to change to a better person. It does not matter which religion you are or are you without one like I do, I believed that we are been blessed by people around us, whether they treat us like a precious gem or the other way round cause we all can learn something from it and learn from both the good quality and the bad mistakes. I feel blessed that I am here kicking alive and safe to be here and getting known of being able to share my thoughts.

Life is a never ending journey that one can either live it like a Hobbit or make it useless. We all would not know how are we make our full potential out until we try. It is also a never ending learning journey too. I will try my best to get my full potential out and never stop learning. 🙂


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