Striking off February 2017

Okay, Georgina Jamier “Jamix” Kye, there is no 29 February this year, no 29 February… How special for people to have that birthday, but it is also sad that they only can”celebrate” it once every four years. So, two months off the year, I am already tired of 2017, and very pissed too. It just seems that I am still not able to overcome some things that I felt uneasy to, my hard work dealing with stress relieving and getting my interviews right seems to bubble away like nothing happens. Jamix, oh my dear Jamix, pull your ass up and continue to crawl forward, lady, CRAWL LADY CRAWL.

So in February:

  • Found a job no matter of full or part time: NOPE.
  • Getting one event where I can helps MC-ing at a cheap price – NOPE
  • Make myself stop fearing of job interviewing – Not even 25% there (God, Jamix, WHY?)
  • Getting one single comment on any of my blog posts – NOPE. Okay, can, new blog. I have nothing to complain about it.
  • Getting a follower on this little wordpress blog – Yep, 2. THANK YOU SO MUCH. *CRIES DRAMATICALLY* DO you know how much this mean to me? Do you, do you? Now you knows. 🙂
  • Getting 1 of the home made soap that I made out of the shelf (HERE) – Not possible.
  • Getting a valentino – Some what yea, but well, I can’t and I hates rushing thru things. Will probably be fried.
  • Anxiety, panic attacks – Once. Nasty Little Thing. Nasty.
  • Trying out new things, be adventurous – Can’t think of anything adventurous to do in Singapore. Pfft.

*Snaps* – Enough, Jamix. 2 little good things happened, better then nothing. Be optimistic. Just hope March will be good and kind to me. I did not want anything much, I just wanted something to motivate myself to be someone better while being known that I am helping someone who is experiencing things that I used to or is currently going thru now. It is tough to get thru everything by yourself when there is no one whom understands what you are walking, so thanks your caregivers if you have one, they tanked all your bad mood swings when you have one, it is hard too.

Life aren’t always be on a smooth sail or always a sunny day, I do have a bad time getting my confidence back up on public speaking and is trying to pick up on other areas. I hope there is a beautiful rainbow after my bad stormy day though. Hope yours will comes along faster then mines.



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