March What?

So, a new fresh feed on facebook that goes “Goodbye February and hello March” type of crap. I mean, it is just another day to go and yup, there goes the crap “monthly” goals that people won’t be doing like their new year resolutions, sadly. In short words, they set a expectations (though that it might not be a thing that is not hard to achieve), they just don’t do it, a pretty much a show off stunt. In a sense, I pity this group of people. How much do they yearns for attention for some “likes” in social media to know that they are deeply “loved” in a sense. Most of the time I will skip all this posts at once, why would I wanna tell others my plans for the month that I am not going to do it anyway.

Well, the only drama I knew that normally ends at this time is the Oscars. I don’t know if anyone agrees with me but this is an award that I felt pretty much brainless cause most of the movies that actually won most of the whole thing will be that one film no one knew about or some random crappy film that no one understands. A logic that I as a non film maker will never understand.

I think fate is really a funny thing, it brings people together or apart. Well, I think I am blessed that it has been ten years my best friend and I met, the person whom actually helps me in many ways during my elapse even though that she wasn’t here with me physically due to our schedules, work and misc stuffs but we often message each other over various things. Most of the time are pretty much some idiotic, lame stuffs that we will laugh about or things that are in the past where those memories are funny enough to talk till today. It also brings in new friends like all of you to be here with me. I am very blessed to be here communicating with all of you even though it wasn’t a face to face thing, but still, Thank you so much.

Hope that this March is a smooth sail one. Stay strong!


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