Type of Guys

I have more guy friends then girls. This might offend some of you but well, you just can’t admit that it is this, this true.

  • The Clingy one

He is clingy, even he isn’t your any one. He just clings on you like as if he is your kid, your boyfriend, your younger brother. He just wanna sticks with you like as if you have no life without him and he is unwilling to accept it that he is the one who actually have no life. Not someone whom I wanna stay close to, tiring much.

  • The Controlling ones

Unlike the clingy, they do more then the clingy guys you met. Not only they wants to follow you around, they also wanted to controls you as if you are a puppet. From being jealous how you talked to your father, uncles, brothers etc, they are probably jealous of your sisters and girl friends and will probably ask you if you are a lesbian if you talks to them too much. It will makes you goes: “WHAAAAAT?!”

  • The Gay or Sissy Guys

One of my favorite type of friends ever in my life! Most of them are very humble and is the most understanding of all. Maybe cause that they have somewhat gone thru things that discriminates us as a whole. Apparently this is a group where they are deeply misunderstood.

  • The Stalker

What can i say about this. LOL. They just stalks everything about you. Everything. But they just never talks to you. And probably will scares you for knowing this much about you cause they knew you more then you do youself.

  • The Nice Guy

They are one handful of guys where they are generally good to any one and everyone they knew but they somewhat will distant away from you if you goes too overboard. But more or less they will helps you in every single thing that you didn’t knew about and they are willing to teach you. Sadly, they are often a target of bullying.

  • The Extra Nice Guy

That one guy where he is a level higher then the nice guy. He does every thing and any thing that you asked him to do without rejecting any of it. Normally badly abused by lazy co-workers or bad boss. He probably would tell you that he will do everything that you didn’t know instead of teaching you how to do.

  • The Jerk

The Mr. Sweet talker that most girls loves. Normally he is a boy craving for sex and just one girl will not satisfy him all. He will boost how rich he is but you are paying for every thing when you and/or a group of friends are going out together with him cause he somewhat promise he will pay you the next time you meet him but he just never pays you back.

  • The Sports Guy

Sports is their priorities. Will prefer go for the sports he loves then anyone does. He will have this one group of friends that is as crazy as he does.

  • The work addict

Like what it says, work addict. generally a super nice guy. Others then the time to sleep, travel to work and general stuffs that a normal humans should do, he is just purely working.

  • The Perverted¬†

The one who will verbally assault in a perverted way to any girls whom wears sexier and will somewhat tells you their idea of what type of sex style they loves. They will also tells you how nice you squeeze the boobs out or how nice a picture with camel toe goes.

  • The Complain Kings

They have the personality of a typical aunty you sees on the street. Every single thing (even it is a good thing), they have some thing to complain about. They complains about every single thing so much you just can’t stand them. But one big trait about them is that they didn’t know how to do any thing that they complains over.

  • The TV watcher

They will tells you everything from history, travel and the latest drama that is on the teepee. But they are never there for travel or history etc but he can talk like as if he was there when you are going for travel.


Not sure if I will do a part two about this but yup, this are the guys I met so far. They might mix in a sense, after all, we are all different, isn’t it?


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