I’m generally nice but…

A generally nice person is different from a nice person, they actually gave you some respect yet not towards the case of bullying them like you did to a nice person. I mean, they can be nice as angels if you don’t go overboard. They do helps but once one abused the good intentions, they will goes: “Thank you and goodbye” yet still being nice to you in a sense.

Towards me, I am pretty much thankful that my parents brought me up in this manner cause they keep telling me that even how bad others did to you, you should be nice cause not only I might be brightening up their day, I am doing myself a good thing too. But it does not mean I should let them bully be in a way. They were telling me to distant myself if it starts feeling wrong or toxic. But well, sometimes I just can’t control the temper and would probably says something but not till arguing or scolding them or what.Will be slightly not that nice to them yet still giving them the respect that I should give, least to tell myself that I don’t stop at their level.

Well, up to you to decide whether you wanna be a jerk or not. Maybe cause I didn’t like to discriminates anyone so I just treat everyone the same.


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