To those whom had cross path

Towards those who cross path with medays, whether or not you are reading this, or actually skipping it as a whole and not reacting to it, I have to thank you for being there when we met. It might be a good or bad situation then, but it is my heartfelt thanks to you for being there for me to learn something that is valuable in my life.

Thank you for  telling me that you are going well in your life despite I missed all those gatherings that you have planned and asked me to go cause I knew I already had nothing in common to talk about. I know things are much different then it have used to be. Even it was that few years where I legit feels like a loner.

I don’t blame you for all the bad doings you did to me and I am thankful for the good doings you did, after all it had already been in the past. We have all grown out of the situation then. It makes me sad when we aren’t as well speaking as we used to be, but it was also my fault not keeping it up with you.

But if you are willing to, I am here to hear you out. I will be here if you needs a ear to listen to your problems. I will loves to be connecting with you again.


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