Planning for Taiwan trip

Yes, my parents wanted to go to Taiwan, FINALLY. But with a cost: my job search have to stop, for one month. Sighs. Planning for it is also a hassle, not cause of that it is hard to find the places to go or how the weather is like, but I have to think which place is suitable for my family as a whole and I was somewhat forced to give an itinerary to a place that my family has never been before.

Not only that, my dad in particularly, keep asking my mom and I that we need to find enough information of how to go and we shouldn’t be asking for road and such and I highly doubt that we can do it without asking. But was told by my other family members it isn’t just my dad that do this. LOL.

But well, have to legit brainstorm that how to survive till the date of departure on 16 april. Need some help please!


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