Short Story: The Witch

Have been helping with my dad’s mining expedition since many workers had been missing for weeks and has not yet been found. Many told me that they seen a dark shadowed woman that used tricks to hook the workers up, they simply calls her the witch. My dad does not believes it cause he was not skeptical. But it still gives me a bad chill over it, totally creeps me up every time the workers talks about her. It gave me nightmares every night as I am pretty sensitive towards the dark side of life. This is probably why most of us do not work before sunrise or sunset, we are all terrified of it. But dad was not satisfied and pissed as we are so much off the original schedule planned for this mining place.

One fine day while I am collecting the dust in the mining caves while the workers are mining, I sort of wonder off towards the deeper, darker side of the cave and I was stopped by another worker. He said: “Georg, it is better for you not to go in further. There is a tendency to see the witch. We often hear screams and weird laughter from there and those are where the lost miners are lost and never been found. Even our rescue team came back INSANE” and it shocked me hard but it kinda of makes me draws to the place more. It starts to let me addicted to this job despite all the hate that I used to have for the dark creepy place and snatched his family life away.

The curiosity starts to grow and I go deeper and deeper to it, dad’s plans starts to goes well after my growing curiosity and undefeated fear to the witch despite the stopping from the fellow miners. Many days gone by and the witch does not seems to appear and miners start to doubt over the shadowy figure they once saw as most of the time I will go before sunsets like they do. Yet I did not drop any precautions in case any thing were to happens even that I did not explore after sunset although I am searching for the witch and the missing miners.

This faithful night, where I forgotten the timing and somewhat, no one had calls for me. I heard this bad laughing in the cave and this shadow figure came alive before my eyes. Shocked I was, she said: “I heard you were searching for me, little girl. I am your greatest fear and the miners calls me the witch and I supposed you knew it all along”. I stood there for a good five minutes with a broken torch light, unable to flash it to the shadow figure that had brought good miners away from us. She starts talking: “I am just using what one desire the most, I shown them what is more in the cave and they all never got out due to their greed… I am just merely shown what your desire and your fear is…”

I felt weak and my body obeyed, I sat on the floor and cried and my dad came with the rescuers. When the flash light came by, we saw our fellow missing miners trapped in the cave trying to dig for more mining dusts thinking they can strike rich with a fellow lady miner that brought my dad’s team here and we least expected it was her. Although that we wasn’t able to save all of them and found out that she wanted to keep more for herself and used the tools my dad has brought as she did not have any. Her face was shocked and with the fake witch hat and costume, my dad goes: “I knew it all along, but I kept it a secret, I thought that you won’t lay your hands on my daughter and I was wrong. I have contacted the authorities and we will not be mining here again.”

I swore that I will never go for a job like this again and it also changes my dad’s mindset. Now retired, he helps to take care of my two young son and daughter, with me working as a business woman and my husband a IT manager. Have never thought that the event left such an impact towards us. It solves out misunderstanding and brought us together. Makes me so grateful over it even it was quite a bad memory. This is what family are I guess.


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