The month for the fools

Was lucky that I did not got pranked during april fools day. BUT, it seems there are more fools on my social network and the newspaper instead. I mean, what is more then not keeping your relationships to yourself instead of the social media or finally found you are in such badass hated that you actually found out you have ANOTHER account that isn’t yours or there are fake news where warn not to bring your kids out just to not get kidnapped? Pretty much got me like: What the f+@k is wrong with you?

I mean, come on, why would you wanna have this social media relationship that make one looks like on dumb human? Fighting on social media is a ugly thing and yup, they all blames it on April Fools day (What the earth is this shit?!) and fought again the very next day again and blame it for the same reason. All I can say is, good job good job.

Didn’t know what the next Foolish thing I’m gon see this month. Apparently it is for the fool, for the fool.


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