I am, Different.

I didn’t know this when I was in primary school, all i know is I don’t fits into those normal Chinese girl group. My best friends are a Malay and an Indian girl that somewhat falls out of a group like I do. In some sense I didn’t feel any abnormal.

Stronger ideas came when I reach the age of puberty, just cause I do not fits in well towards my peers, I deal with many things alone instead. This feeling does not go till I was in the advance studies after secondary school. I used to feels bad of not fitting well with most of my peers and was often laugh at cause my liking are not in sync with the mainstream media posed. I even was laughed at for portraying a guy like personality with some of the lady classmates then due to that I wanted to go for trans operation as I thought I was more attracted to girls instead and often don’t felt like a lady.

Well, found out after graduating and move on to another technical school that makes me found out that it wasn’t that I was weird but was different. There are people whom liked the same genres as I do. I started to accept the fact where I am, I am pretty much very different from bitches that love rumor. It also makes me found out I am neutral of dating both guys or girls.

Most of this actually does sums up that how I look at myself now. even it is still hard for my parents to accept my bisexual personality as my family is a traditional Asian family but I hope one day that they will soften up.


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