Manga: Nijiiro Ramen

Nijiiro Ramen is a 2004 manga by Baba Tamio, it was my very first set of comics that I had. It was about a High school student Kami Taiyo whom fells in love with a very common noodle dish in japan, Ramen after eating it for the first time after his friends dragged him for a fight. It also triggers the school to have a club dedicated to ramen due to the perseverance of his friends and him. By the end of the story, he graduated and defeated his father that he has no memories of in a competition.

Like most food mangas, they didn’t have a good readership due to the dull storyline but I sort of like this as compared to others is that Kami is pretty brave of doing something that he never did before despite he is some sort of a culinary genius. Although having setbacks, the encouragement that his friends gave are very strong and having a good friendships are pretty much how we all should learn about. This Manga also encourages youngsters to dream and work for their dreams despite they might not have experience over it. As long as one is willing to learn, things will come by when the time is ripe.

The series is not translated into English, could find the chinese version online via searching the title of: 彩虹拉面 or 彩虹之拉面.


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