Holiday: Taiwan Taipei 

So here ends my Taipei trip, although I aren’t able to cover all of it and unable to click all the pictures here but here’s my findings.
The sleep place:

My family of four stayed at a residential stay at emei street number 5 via airbnb. But don’t be surprised that they have a dirty building, the room is cosy and petite. 

The food:

Old ximen cheese cake:

One of the two cheese cake store in ximending, the other one where they were selling at buy one free one wasn’t able to compare to this in texture, smell and taste even that they have more flavors. 

This particular store have two flavors, original cheese (NT90, approx S$4.50) and double cheese (NT120, approx S$6), Both have their own unique taste. If you personally don’t like something that is too cheesy and sweet, salty, go for the original ones. Or else go for the double cheese ones which I highly recommend it.

Yam balls at Ning Xia Night Market:

Not towards my tasting although it isn’t bad for both original and salted egg flavors. The yam is pretty creamy and pungent, the texture was crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. Worth the try.

Pricing: original NT20, Approx S$1, with salted egg NT25, Approx S$1.25
Turkey rice from Ning Xia Night Market:

It came like those bento you see on those train stations but less tempting, less “appetising” then those and don’t let it fools you!! It was so nice that both my brother and I moans for more. They have this sauce where they braise the turkey isn’t too sweet nor salty, along side with the pickled vegetables that combines so well, makes the whole set feels so heavenly~

Pricing: NT100, approx S$5

Prince Cheese potato:

They have two stores in Taipei, shilin night market and ximending night market. Had tried both and I recommend you to go the ximending night market one due to the service are better and it was not as oily as the other, much more creamy, fluffier and had more ingredients then the shilin one.

But, if you have no time to go to ximending, please take note that the service staff there wasn’t a good tempered person and will keep asking you to move near the wall despite you had done it and can feel the water dripping from the sewage. 

Pricing: depends on what you orders, we brought the most expensive one which is NT80, approx S$4

Ah-gei at tamshui:

This is the only shop there selling Ah-gei, legit saying Ah-gei is our dao pok from the Yong tao fu store but with dong fen. The sauce is a little spicy and sweet but generally it was not as nice as I expected. 

They have the Taiwan meatball that have the same sauce. The skin is quite tender but not recommended for kids, elderly and those with tooth problems as it was not easy chewable. 

Pricing: Both Ah-gei and the meatball cost at NT30 each, approx S$1.5

Jiu fen yam ball:

The must eat if you are at jiu fen! The hot ones are not as sweet as the cold ones but the yan balls of the cold ones are much more chewy then the hot bowl. It is a good dessert treat for all and worthy for the try!

Pricing: NT60, approx S$3

Big sausage wraps small sausage:

Not a bad tasting treat, could get it at a cheap price of NT20, Approx S$1 at any night market. 

Croissant taiki at shilin station:

If you are going to palace museum via public transportation, you could stop by and get one of this crispy treat with tasty filling. We ordered cheesy chicken and mochi red bean, both of the two taste good. The cheese chicken are perfect as it was moist and the savor is to the dot, for the mochi red bean, it wasn’t sweet as I thought it was, it was creamy and chewy, was also expecting that it will stuck inside the teeth but it didn’t, they did it quite well eh.
Pricing: various of flavors, cheesy chicken is NT60, Approx S$3, Mochi red bean is NT55, Approx S$2.75.

Ah zhong mee sua at ximending:

If you are finding a different taste of mee sua, you could try this, but it is quite salty due to the vinegar. The mee sua also have pork intestinal that is cooked with the mee sua itself. 

As it’s very popular, it is advised to avoid meal times.

Pricing: small bowl NT60, approx S$3, big bowl NT65, approx S$3.75

Yong He dou jiang at ximending :

They have various types of food and my family mainly ate it for breakfast. Others then the soya bean milk and the traditional dough fritters, they have the fried shallots pancakes, pork floss buns and various rice balls that are extremely tasty. It is opened 24 hours, 7 days.

Pricing: spent approx NT200, S$10 each time we went 

Jinfeng braise meat rice:

 It is one of the highly recommended place by my friends and this is really amazing! The meat-oil % is perfectly done and it is so smoothing! 

Pricing: small bowl: NT35, Approx S$1.75. Can’t remember the price for the big bowl ones.

The place to go:

Others then the night market, you can go to the long shan temple and the red house as they are nearby. 

Jiu fen, shi fen, cat village (hou tong station), qing tong old village, shen ken old street, yin yang sea and shi fen liao:

Please book a cab or a mini bus for this as it will be very hectic due to that you have to go change a railroad train with no direct bus to any of the places above. The cab driver or tour guide will advice you on what suits you most. 

Cat village is a place where the cats was abandoned after the coal mines industry in the area fells, it is also a active railway called hou tong station. If you personally loves cats (and dogs!), you should pop in there and take a look.

Shi fen liao is along the way while you depart from jiu fen to shi fen, why not stop for 5 minutes just for a good photo stop? *winks*

Going to jiu fen is advised as you can see such beautiful scenery shown above with good food and good place to buy ginger tea.

Shi fen is a place where you are allowed to put up sky Lanterns for a blessing, but as it is also an active station, beware of the train that will pass thru while you are trying to make the Lantern fly. But fret not, the staff there will notify you with a loud whistle!


For tamshui wise, you can either take a boat to their fishermen wharf, or rent a bike to go round the whole area. They also have those shooting games that you can win prizes too. Not only that, the iron eggs are the cheapest here!


We didn’t go to shilin government house as we were tired, the palace museum was pretty bore unless you have deep interest in history. But is advised to go in the afternoon so you can also go to the shilin night market though it is slightly more expensive then the others.

Carrefour at jian nan station:

Right beside Miramar entertainment center, it has legit everything you need including gifts and such. There are also food stands in the store itself so no worries of shop hungry. Plus, there are chairs for you to rest if you got tired and water cooler machines to quench your thirst.

It is also a cure to Singapore’s coffee if you are staying here more then 3 days. Although the egg isn’t our normal half boiled egg and the nasi lemak is over priced with no coconut milk taste, but it is quite filling.
The transportation:
It is easy to move around as most Taiwanese are helpful and there are English words on the subway or mrt. Taxi are easy to get too so no problems on getting around Taiwan. 


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