Short Story: Vending Machine

There is a vending machine that never catch my eye that sets in the local swimming club. It was old and rusty and it does not works as well as the others. It also creeps me out with the sound when some one uses it as it feels like it is going to trebles down any time soon. But still, many still like to buy snacks from there as they have many options to choose from and if you are lucky, this old vending machine may drop one extra packet of what you brought. Even it is so, I never gone to that machine, instead, I loved the normal fresh orange juice ones that gave me energy after a good swim despite seeing many were there for a good snack treat. Never in my second thought I will be in front of that old rusty machine to grab some thing out of it.

This one fine evening, I was swimming a little later then usual, some weird idea makes me drawn to the old vending machine then the usual juice machine. What I saw kind of make me feel like getting all the goodies off to my arms. Three packs of kitkat nuggets, two packs of seasoned seaweed and two packs of rice crackers is going to drop with one more push from the kitkat nuggets row. But this special vending machine has a special rule, instead of using coins or relevant amount, one have to shoot in water to trigger the random selector to get all the goodies. So I tried banging the machine and start betting a round and it does not succeed. Soon, I started to keep trying, after few tries of trying to make it work, I did not notice it was late and was trying to make all the snacks drops just cause that I feel like eating them.

When I succeeded, I shouted with joy and jumped with excitement! Out of the sudden, I finally notice it was dark with my mobile out of battery, I quickly ran home since it was near my staying place. Along the way there are beggars trying to pull my pants, snatches my prized snacks and giving out weird sounds. I ran faster, and I tripped over with all the snacks fell off my arms and bag. Frighten, the beggars came up with ghostly faces and I woke up in sweat finding all the snacks are right beside me, with my clothes changed by my family member. I was then told I reach home drenched, collapsing in front of the door hugging the snacks.


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