Living for a dream

So I am here, trying to swim up in this very realistic Singapore life, trying to get myself to survive here. Apparently it is badly done. I am still trying to survive while trying to improve and do things freelance and still makes me money. But it just didn’t work out, I didn’t try hard enough I guess.

I actually puts in effort of getting myself par up on lots of things and found out I am still not good enough on some things like speaking to others, there are things I have to brush up more. Sometimes I thought, will my dreams be gone by the wind or I just lack the opening? Unfortunately I have to get a job to make myself not to go hungry. 

Was telling my friend the other day of being a freelance writer wasn’t working out, I was getting paid the minimum article wage as a novice writer and it can be extremely tiring as the odd request from various customers. But nevertheless I still feel blessed that I am able to do a bilingual translation for many articles though it wasn’t working fine.

Meanwhile I am also trying to find a job that can boost my confidence of public speaking and helps me talks better. But things are easier said then done as I never good in interviews and is terrified of this. Things that I will never get thru it. 
And. Sometimes it is important where one’s parents supports you and your dreams. I wasn’t supported, and have a pair of very realistic parents where they wants me to be like any other cousins that are married, money making and baby bearing machine. To put in nice words, they are living a standard Singapore life where they will never get their dreams going, but just “smoothly” go thru everything till it is too late to know that things are too late to chase. Scary but true.

I jus pray that my efforts won’t go yo waste one day. I hope yours too!


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