Job review: CEE Fair 2017

And yup, done with four days of shagness for as a redeem staff for a good reputation printer brand. Although it is quite busy but it was fun as this is my first time doing a redemption for others as a staff even that it was not the first time I worked in a IT fair like this.

I am grateful that I had met good co-workers during my four days of work, I seriously have fun with the whole event although it was hectic and tiring to a point where I goes in a deep sleep almost immediately I closes my eyes. I am also so damn grateful that those customers are very kind to a newbie like me and not get angry with my slow paperwork packing skills.

It also let me learn that teamwork amongst all staff is very important, quite different from those retail stores I used to work from, and things can be very selfish in a sense where everyone is not helping each other for the sake of commission and sales of theirs.

Another thing good about the whole event is that I do not need to worry about what I should get for lunch or dinner as it was supplied and helps me save up quite some cash. Although it was cold and was not as tasty as what I normally ate but I have no complains as it was legit free and I deserved it!

As a whole I enjoyed my work for the whole event and I hope it will extend to my next job too!


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