The not so Father Father’s day.

I never had any memories of my dad before the age of 8 even there were pictures of him and I together for various occasions. Also, even I had memories of him after primary school years, it was a bad one. Our relationship never improves and I thought it will never be even till now.

You must be asking why. My dad never dotes me cause I am a girl. The only thing I am grateful towards him is that he gave me the necessary shelter, clothing, foods and basic monetary needs that any child have needed to have, he will also asked if I wanted to join any outings that his brothers organised but he will tell his side of the extended family about my bad things loudly.

I used to argue with him a lot, cause I can’t stand the way he irks me while I needed to study or do something serious. I also can’t accept it that he will never make me like his kid, cause his mindset is much more “younger” then I did. He can even play with my 9 years old cousin with toys and bullying her like as if he was as the same age as her. Although it has now toned down a lot but even my own uncle can’t get used to it.

I used to hope that I could break off ties with him and just live with my mother alone, but yup, my mother and my late friend sort of counsel me lots. In a sense that he is still my father and I should respect him for giving me my needs. I sort of give a don’t care attitude now unless it was something that concerns me in some big decisions.


Hope your fathers enjoyed their fathers day though.


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