Movie Review: Wonder Woman

I watched this last week and I supposed to write it by then while I keep it back of my head till, right now. Well, the sound and effects was nice while the entire movie makes me thought of another character: Captain America. The whole movie do makes me feels like the female version of Captain America and oh my sexy lady.

There were difference between both movies others then gender and twisted story line of cause, and here they are:

  • Its was settled at two different world wars, but some scenes are share.
  • We saw Wonder woman grew up and saw Capt America transformed instead.
  • Capt America is “awaken” while Wonder Woman lived through.
  • Wonder woman’s lover dies for the war and never met again (which makes me cried); Capt America met his lover in some time in the series.
  • Weapon of choice are different despite the shield.
  • One is a commoner while the other was a ready made Goddess.
  • Well, Wonder Woman is still able to work while, Capt America… Meh.
  • Capt America was found in a sense where Miss Wonder Woman volunteered.
  • By the end of the movie, the other Justice League members did not appears like any of the Capt America, Avengers movies.
  • Wonder Woman and Justice League are having the chance to expand (like with batman and etc), while Capt America aka CHRIS EVANS IS LEAVING ME AND THE AVENGERS TEAM IN 2019. *CRIES*

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