Welcome July

June is gone just like this and yup, Hello July. Had been thinking lots all this while and I am really overjoyed that none of my overthinking triggered my bad mood swings like it used to be. Maybe cause too many things happened too quickly in a short period of time and it does makes me grow a little.

Usually July is pretty much a peaceful month and not much major things would happens in this month. Which I felt blessed about it.

But well, life often never gave one a smooth sail. I am always someone whom do not talk a lot in real life, I am usually the one who will stays at the back of the group to oversee everything and help out others. Some times my quietness will be misunderstood as not socializing as I usually do not make a noise over things that never concerns me. Have to let it be as I can’t stop what others think of me and thinks I am being a weirdo to them.

I used to hope that I can change to suits other’s liking but I end up finds it quite stupid. Why? I felt so tired and so drained off just to be what others expect me to be. I also felt that everyone have different expectations of you and you will never be suiting every one due to your personality and behavior. Those who will accept you as who you are by the end of the day will eventually be someone who really loves you deep in their heart. No one should change due to others but yourself, it took me one big round to notice this.

Recently I hooked up a pretty fun mobile mmo game called Lineage II, it do have pretty nice graphics and the story line is quite consistent. Further more it is about a month old so it is easy to catch up with stronger players. What attract me the most is that you can chat with every one in the chat and it is pretty easy to ask for help if you needed one! My user is: Jamix15 so please do add me up if you are joining the battle with me! hope to see your conviction soon!


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