The aftermath 

Yes I have a “mini” breakdown without anyone knowing. Yes, here comes the Miss. Aftermath of me being sick for next few days. 

It set me thinking again. 

Am I going to be this sickly all my life? How much more battles am I going to fight just to be fully “recover” from this irritating depression like illness: adjustment disorder. 

6 years on. Although it has been a on off like a switch and it wasn’t here for the last 5 months and I thought it was gone for good. And yup, I never thought it will make me cry for nothing again. This makes me feels so bad.

It makes me over think about how worthless I am to this world. I am unworthy to be noticed. The hard work I have done means nothing to this huge world.

*Sighs* Another fight with the weak me again. 

So this “mini” fall makes me down with drowsy flu for a week. But least it forced me to sleep and stopped me to over think even more. 

But it all still makes me feels extremely bad of me pulling myself down just like this. It is just not me.
So the strong me told myself, let’s eat and go on after the sickly rest. You just need food. #PlotTwist 


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