Vending Machines

Lets talk about it.

The evening news the night before was talking about it over the new food vending machines in one of Singapore’s housing area giving new options to people and it is now hoping to expand to other housing areas. And it also talked about how vending machines helped various businesses in this modern age world where people are lazy to go to shop fronts or too “shy” to talk. There are pros and cons but I feel that there are more cons with this idea.

Why? Although it is a savings on shop front and salary for the bosses and it is much more easier for us in a sense where we can actually gets what we wanted without any talking, but don’t you feel that we are all surrounded with electronic devices that have been keeping us extra anti social with others, why not go out more and interact with others even it is a short five minutes? Packing food back home from a local food store or asking about product information aren’t that hard either. We are all losing the interaction we all needed in our life, are we going to get it shorten more by all this machines? Are they also eating up our social skills too others then the money we have earn?

Not only that, there are few machines I heard that actually caught my attention. Having a drink, food, household needs etc. And I was surprised cause it probably won’t happens out of their own countries.

1: The live seafood and fresh vegetables vending machines in China: It is targeted to office workers that had no time for shopping but isn’t there supermarkets?

2: Used ladies undergarments in Japan: -Loss in words-

3: Naked AV girls pictures in Japan: Another loss in words machine

4: Condom Vending Machines in Italy: Are you this sex derived lol

5: Novels machines in UK and Aussie: WHY ISN’T THIS HAPPENING IN SINGAPORE?

6: Marijuana vendings in US: Selected territories had this for sales, but NOPE, just NOPE.

7: Gold Vending Machines in Dubai: one word. Rich.


But then out of all this, they are saying that only in Singapore’s 7-11, there is this vending machine where dispersed Mashed Potato that is special here. Well, it is nice and do make a great snack so you can try when you are here since it doesn’t cost much either.


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