The Online Shaming

Let’s welcome the Kardashians and their non-famous members of the public. I literally UNFRIENDED (aka unfollowed ) every single little Mister/Miss toxic or unlike every single one of them when toxic starts to spark like a firework.

All this relationship shamings never started just cause of Rob and Chyna random shaming of their never ending toxic relationship which they keep destroying each other and their little baby daughter, the little cousin of North West. I often saw this online and it is much more entertaining then this two not so celeb-celebrities. They got cheated for cash, sex or both and they starts shaming with LONG whining post telling the world with how they were cheated and how the other party ran away and avoids responsibility and it makes me wonders why do they be so naive? Not trying to victimize them but I will starts to be wary when I starts to feel I am dumping things I needed to survive just for someone whom that is never serious about everything. Maybe there is always a sub-conscious in me when I live in the “love is blind” world.

Another thing I hate the most: body/look shaming. The recently Miss Singapore or whatever was shamed cause some of them don’t looks local and the finalist are simply all blue Chinese ladies. I have to agree that it do looks quite unfair but I felt quite dishearten that they were look ashamed and those comments are pretty nasty. I mean, come on, I don’t have the guts to do those walks in bikini even I have the shape, which makes them good as who they are and not to be shamed by anyone.

So while complaining why the internet can’t have have good things? Look around your fb or any social media and you will know why. enough said.


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