Fairy tales, what is that?

Like every kid, I grow up reading those tales where it has a extraordinary outcome of the poor, abused ladies living happily ever after with a prince or simply someone who is rich as fuck. But all this are never a reality even in the olden days so why would one should believe in this? I do not even believe that all things will have a good feedback even I had tried my hardest to do it, and I never falls for the “Love at First Sight” bullshits (Thanks, tinder.) due to scammers.

I remembered telling my mother that those ladies who got married “happily ever after” might turns out to be like her, or like any other women that actually ends up hating their husbands cause they are too good to be true plus, money is the cause of all bad roots for those childish, immature men that thinks the world actually owes them to it. So what if it was a heart breaking endings for all this? It might have a plot twist behind the three words.

You may regard me as a sarcastic idiot that didn’t believed there might be a possibility it is true. Cause I always believed that communications are much more important, being able to be responsible for the whole relationship is not a one person thing,  and all this fairy tales makes it feels like so one sided cause it just taught me that ladies are supposed to be pretty and guys should be just be rich and they will be together. This is why stereotypes have already started with a young age, don’t you think it is pretty sad?

Just look at Miss Snow White, she is awaken by a kiss cause Prince says it was love at first sight, but what if Snow White didn’t like him at all or Prince isn’t that charming or rich at all? Will the story be the same? The original version actually said that Snow White was awaken via the pain of labor. She was raped while she is in coma, the Prince may had already had a Queen and countless concubines so I highly doubt so that she is happy being in the family instead.

I do believe in happy endings cause there are always examples of doting couples and people who are willing to take care of their other half despite they might be poor and sickly. But all this are declining and it was not even surprising at all. People tends to think of themselves first before they actually thought of others now a days as compared to people from my grandparents era. Things are much more easier done then theirs but in the other hand it is also destroying. People aren’t keeping cause “hardship” is not inside their dictionary at all cause things is already there for them to take and they didn’t wanna give.

This is why fairy tales should not be made believed and not to be read to kids, least it would not let them think that being rich or going for plastic surgeries to make themselves prettier could make them have a higher chance of getting love, unrealistically. Why not just tell them your love story of yours and your other half? Least it is real and pretty much more educational then those books. It also makes them learn that happy endings are made up from two imperfect humans and not wait for things to drop from the sky. Hard work are needed and able to accept other’s imperfection is the way.

Life are not a fairy tale to live on and it never were, I used to share this on facebook that life never just give you lemons, there are chances that you are being thrown with rocks together with those lemons. It will be your choice to use those rocks to build up a house to protect yourself from being thrown with more rocks while drinking lemonades or continue being hurtled by those thrown rocks and lemons and do nothing at all. It is how you change while meeting situations and do things with the given stats, no one can help you if you simply gave yourself up cause it will makes them tired of it and no single human can live forever or able to walk with you till the end of your story.

Well, still believe in those tales? Hah, okay then. Up to you. Enough Said 🙂


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