Extrovert Best Friend

It has been ten freaking years since I knew her. My first impression of her was that why would anyone be this fucking noisy in such a place? Can she not just shut up for a single moment?  And toward her first impression of mines is no where better too. She thought: How can someone be such quiet and be such a sarcastic freak? How do she can even have friends to mingle with such awkwardness? 

Never in anyone’s thoughts, we will be friends till this day. Hah. And is the only two idiots that are still contacting from the whole class of “no drama no life” class.

We seems to accept our flaws together when it comes in to the later part of the 1 year course. I did not know why, we started to hit well. I can see that the drama is starting to overwhelm her and maybe she just need some quiet person to stay with despite being loud. Slowly we are here, always sarcastic to each other and she always adding me to various whatsapp groups that I might or might not quit depending on how I felt over it.

I often was telling her that it was okay for me to mingle with people as I will be fine with just her despite she is trying hard to make me more open to new things and all. She will never leave me hanging there for more then a week as she will update me over various things she feels or any humor she saw. We both compromised our flaws as she already makes me feels like every single out going me came out from her and every quiet her came out from me.

We both will check on each other for laughter, uneasiness and various emotions. She have shown me a world that an introvert will never seen and I’ve shown her it wasn’t this scary to be alone at times. I think this is why we still remain such good friends to this day.

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