I know it is not a good reason to stop me for writing but I seriously doubt myself of going into retail service line. It does makes me drained like as if I am going to disconnect my soul with my body.

It makes me much quieter in real life as compared to before.

But it also makes me grow so much as a person as it makes you see all types of personality in one go. It just taught you multiple life philosophy in a short period of time. And also see thru how poor leadership will kills one full boat of good talents.

I am those type of person where I do need time to recharge before I meet a crowd, Apparently every single week I found myself spending longer time to charge up then I used to. I also find myself feeling this much discomfort almost every time I ended work, especially to those places where messy shits happens. All this are slowly killing the not so confident me to some thing that might be a better me in some sense. They always says that walking out of your own comfort zone will makes one grows faster then ever. But I am not this sure about it cause I am just simply too tired, too exhausted to think about it.

My mum always says that there is always a point where you have to just learn and adapt to the surroundings around you and move on. It might not be a good start, or even have a good ending, but it is always better then staying on the same ground and overthinks. You have to give yourself a chance to try. On some point of life, you will start to know that life is all about ups and downs and you can’t really control it but you won’t hold regrets, or THAT much regrets that you expected.

Le sighs. Life is never easy eh?


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