Mini getaway: city square Malaysia 

So it’s a random one day trip and it is pretty near the custom of Malaysia (if you are entering from Singapore via bus), a 5 minutes walk away from the custom house itself. This trip is a small trip with my mum so it won’t be much written.  🙂


Dragon-i dimsum 

It is located at level 3 of city square, as we saw there was quite a number of customers in the store itself even it was not lunch hour, we decided to give it a shot!

This stir fry fish with long beans is quite good! I’m not a person whom loves eating fish due to the smell but they did a great job on handling it. The sauce is sweet yet not overpowering the original taste of the long beans and fish. Kudos to that.

Fish maw soup is another dish I normally detested as there is a fishy smell most of the time but this is very smooth and creamy. And with the help of sweet corn, it brings up the taste of the fish maw soup to another level. 

The last dish we ordered is this crispy fried chicken. Generally it wasn’t that bad but the chicken was overfried and it was quite dry. But the crisps was not bad.

This meal cost rm90, approx S$30

Finger food:

Well for this wise, if you’re able to overlook at the way they prepare for some stalls, it is okay to try. Ate a crepe and taste not bad actually, but just that, hygiene was not that good for that stall (pray I don’t get diarrhea!)


Apart from those normal brands we often visit like Sorella (which is 20% cheaper then Singapore for the same thing), I was surprised that Converse was about 10% cheaper from ours too.

As there is an event happening in the mall from now to 31st October 2017, there are food, mini games and more, we happened to saw a henna booth and we decided to do.

At Rm15 per hand; it is worth the price!

Look at how dedicated it was! As compared to the previous ones I did was never this beautiful before! 

Well, this guy also do events and wedding henna, you can contact him for quotations:

So here is the end of our trip, although it is a short trip, this is not a bad trip at all 🙂

-Price are accurate when the post is published- 


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