The new year trip: Johor, Malaysia.

Went to two malls today and here’s my opinion:
Aeon bukit indah:


Kinsahi Japanese cuisine:

As there were this many restaurants to choose from, we decided to settle down with this amazing restaurant. 

As you walk in to your seat, you will be served with this amazing salad with wasabi mayonnaise dressing. It is a very nice appetizer as the wasabi mayonnaise dressing did not overpowered the rest of the ingredients. 

The rice of the bento sets are pretty soft and fluffy, it is a wonderful match with the sauce they mixed with. Unagi is so fresh it do not have a fishy smell and it tastes so heavenly and the chicken katsu is fried to crispy and so tender inside where it is easily pulled off via chopsticks! 

The fried tofu is have an amazing crispy outer cover and it was not overly sweet like those I ate before, so it is a worthy buy.

We ordered the normal Chawanmoshi with mushroom, fishcake and crab sticks as toppings (crab sticks are way below!). This sweet with a hint of salt steam egg is so smooth that it can just slip through your throat immediately. 

This is the specialty, yuzu tea, a lightly sweet refreshing tea that will immediately makes you feel awake after the heavy food one ate earlier. It can be an amazing dessert as itself too.

Total damage: rm107.20 (approx SGD 35)



Just like our metrol or BHG in our shopping malls, and add an arcade in.

Hock hua:

Yup, a familiar Singapore brand. If you are drinking fruit vinegar often, you can consider buying it there as it do have $3-4 difference as compared to Singapore. 

Aeon hypermarket:

Pretty much the only thing I’ll buy from there. But not as nice as the other brand (will be shown later). 

If you are drinking ensure milk, it have least $3 difference as compared to Singapore. 
Padini Outlet: 

Padini shirts are always been in top notch quality and loved to buy from them. And they constantly had offer priced clothes! For this Outlet store, it is quite huge so worth it to go have a look!

Cabbing from jb sentral to there: rm25

Cabbing back to jb sentral: rm35

Advice to go as a group of 4.
City square:


Paik’s bibim:

We went here for dinner as it will be a easier way back and found this good deal:

Decided to give it a shot and it was good!

The kimchi with the sweet beef bibimbap is a great match together. The rice was quite chewy and I liked it very much. 

The noodles are chewy and the sauce is sweet yet spicy, and towards me, a person whom don’t take spicy, it is very spicy. Opps.

As for the steam egg, as compared to the one I had for lunch, this have a total different texture. For this, it’s more plain and more chewy and it doesn’t have any other ingredients together with it. I liked this too.

The chive pancake had not only just chives, it have prawns and cuttlefish in it too! Not overly salty, this pancake is a great snack without the main dish itself. It has crispy sides as well!

Total damage: rm35 (approx SGD 12). As compared to Singapore’s, worth the money. 

Has been searching for this since I came back from Kuala Lumpur last year, I sort of disheartened that I won’t be able to find this brand of goat milk anymore. Sold at nutty nuts at level 3, this goat milk taste isn’t as strong and the other brand shown above and it tastes better.

They do offer plain, chocolate and yogurt goat’s milk. Big bottle costs rm20 (approx SGD 7), the small bottle costs Rm5 (approx SGD 1.6).

 All prices are correct when this post is posted. Any inflation will not be reliable. 


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