The modern blind date

Although it was not my first blind date and possible that it is the last, today was kind of a shitty one though.

I signed up for this blind date agency called GaiGai (it means walk walk, or let’s go shopping in hokkien) in curiosity least 4 to 8 months ago and I wasn’t expecting them to call me up for a match.

So basically they will meet you twice to collect your basic info before you continue with your “blind date”. I totally loved their services and meet ups, their consultant are mainly nice and they actually had things well explained before you proceed with anything. Due to that I am not a premium member, I have to pay a admin fee of $30 after date is confirmed.

So, I had a possible date that they thinks he suits so I tried. A guy who is in the same age, have some sort of similar interest and all sorts. So I proceeded with it.

But yup, we were settled to this nice restaurant and we do not have any communications before hand of the “date”. I was surprised this guy was my ex-schoolmate whom used to have a same co-curriculum activity with me but he do not remember me. As I wasn’t a good talker and generally wasn’t a person with “good interactions” with people I am not too familiar with, he just yaps away with his theory and everything.

I was in this ugh situation where he goes with the aliens, religious, and futuristic stuffs that totally turns me down. It is okay to daydream but this guy is way overboard of his idea of hoping to join in the group of people that can live up to 500 years old and living with aliens in the future.

All I can think of, I need a guy who is more realistic and not thinking of earning money just to go for his alienfied dreams and not focusing on the current matters. After all, all this won’t be happening even after few decades or centuries after we turn ashes.

Hopefully the next blind date won’t turns out like this. Maybe I might get one macho guy as a boyfriend before the next blind date they set. Who knows?


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